Thursday, March 18, 2010

Encroachment and distruction of mangroves

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In Kerala at Kannur Dist; near valapattanam bridge in the name of eco-tourism,the mangroves are being destroyed and the Valapattanam river banks are being encroached by pappinisseri eco- toursm soceity.They are doing many construction works in a hurry.

The construction of a road about 10M width is in progress by destroying thick and virgin mangroves.They made fence to the river bank and mangroves and had made it their own property.More over they had planted seedlings of mangroves in the river it self for encroaching about half acre of river. Also many other construction works are taking place.
If this project is allowed,the whole mangroves will be destroyed by tourists and others.

Mangroves have many ecological importance.They are preventing the spreading of salt water to the land and many species of animals and fishes are living in them.They also protect the river from bank sliding and help to keep the water level.So all the works in the mangroves must be banned and keep the virginity

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