Sunday, May 30, 2010


Buzz It
WHITE THROATED GROUND THRUSH[Zoothera citrina cyanotus]
        This is a cute bird usuaslly living in forests and thickly vegitated areas of India & Sreelanka.The head and upper parts are yellowish brown and the rest of the upper parts are ashy  blue.A larger white patch on the wings,which is visible only while flying. There are beautiful white &black lines above the eyes so the 
Malayalees call it Kurikkannan Kattupullu 
.The under parts are also yellowish brown.Throat is white.In female ashy blue wings are suffused with green.Usually lives in pairs.Eats small insects&worms that found in the ground and flies silently to the branches  when frightened.Otherwise it is a silent bird, but the male starts to sing a wonderful song in breeding season.It is a local migrant,but loves places where it gets plenty of food and stays there for a long time.