Sunday, February 21, 2010


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At Kannur in Kerala we had a river KAKKAD in puzhathi panchayath.Now the river is almost dead.The reasons of this is encroachment and dumping of wastes in it.The kakkad river was once a fine river having boat services to carry agriculture goods and passengers.Now the flow is fully stopped.At one point the river has being shrank into a culvert by the road authorities.The Panchayath itself has built a fish&butchery market inside the river on pillars!!All the wastes are dumped straightly in the river!!The river also had given to a plywood factory for lease @100Rs/year!!! they had also destroyed the river, which is a public property of the people living near it.Many other encroachments are also in the river,like schools,roads,play ground etc.Now the panchayath authorities says that there is no river in that place and they are trying to use all the land for construction works.
Many agitations had taken place by environmental groups like zilla paristhsamithi,kakkadpuzhasamrakshana samithi etc
Map of Kakkad river
Fish and butchery market built in the river
Wastes in the river
Again Wastes
more wastes
River for lease @100Rs/year
Being shrunk by road authorities

hunger strike
A rally
An oath taking for river