Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Buzz It

The trees of Kannur city,kerala...They were standing in
the midst of the city,on both side of the road:in the civil station,caltex,near the
stadium etc-and doing their silent duties,like Neelakanta lord shiva,they were
absorbing all the poisons and dusts of the city.They were also absorbing the earpiercing
sounds that causing deafness and uneasiness like mental irritation,head
ache...Their cool shade is a shelter from the blazing sun....

But..Alas! yet they were living in deep sorrow.All the
day and night,they were crying:"oh, please help us I can't live with all these
tight bandages. My arms will cut down please remove it"or "oh,these large nails
pierced in my flesh .They are killing me-This pain is great.Why are you nailing me
like Lord Jesus please help"..They were crying and calling everyone....
The dump and deaf humans,who were walking through the
city or traveling in vehicles did not see them or hear them.But the warriors of
Kannur Zilla Paristhithi Samithi....They heard it.They could not tolerate these
sights.So they decided to give them freedom.They selected Aug15 to do it.A freedom
struggle...Yes indeed a freedom struggle .The city was much crowded with political
parties show business and policemen in between them,they the soldiers of love and
conservation, appeared with ladders,knives,cutting players,hammers,nail pluckers
etc.There was also playcard with them...A ten member gang....with them there was
also a big bundle of saplings to interested persons.About a hundred saplings for

Many tight ties of plastic rops,huge flex boards,tin
sheets with large nails etc were in large numbers in all trees-it was not an easy
task.To remove some boards they have to climb on the high branches.But with deep
love,they released the trees from imprisonment.The trees moved their branches with
happiness and gratitude.The warriors and viewers were also in great joy.

In front of the civil station,there they saw a tree
with suffocation because of an iorn sheet imprisonment.The trunk could not grow
even one centimeter more because,from all sides,at two meter hight,it was tightly
winded with thick sheets.Even the wind could not touch the trunk-it could not
breathe.Oh!! such a crime just for the add of a studio!!
The tree was also a heronory.Many nests of pond herons
were on it.Mothers were feeding chicks.The roadsides were fully painted white with
the sprayings from the nests....Removing the iron armour like covering was not
easy.With them,there was not proper sharp axe to break it....But they could not
left the tree in this sufferings.With a Himalayan effort,they removed the sheets
and a deep sigh of relief raised from the tree.All the people watching the task
were also smiling with joy.Like a person coming out from a small cell,the tree

One.....two....three...Time was also running.But they
were determined.Then they went the opposite side of the road and worked till
4o'clock without even having lunch.There was another heronory on that side.Many
roadside sellers,'thattukata' etc were on that side and it was also bus stop and
car parking area.There was some small arguments.But they set all the trees of that
side also free.

At 4o,clock they stopped.They tired a bit in body.But
their mind was energetic at that time also,because they spent their energy to help
the trees.Their head and dressed were sprayed with the smelly spray from the
birds,full of dust and sweat....But they went with full of joy....It was a great
FREEDOM struggle!!